INF Claims Form

Filing claims when using your insurance is needed to make sure that you are reimbursed for any eligible medical expense paid out-of-pocket. Although INF allows direct billing, it is highly advised for plan members to submit a claim form anytime they use their insurance, regardless of whether you have paid out-of-pocket. Sending in the proper paperwork and documentation may help expedite the claims and reimbursement process. If your claim is related to medical expenses on or after 2/4/23, please login to member portal and submit online claim form. Below you can find information on how to file claims for International Visitors Accident and Sickness Insurance plans for claims before 2/5/23:

Submit Your Online
Claim Form

Submit Your Online
Claim Form

Log in to your MyINF Portal & file an online claim form. Navigate to the 'Active Plans' section of the Portal, and click the 'File a Claim' option.

Submit The Following
Required Documents

Submit The Following
Required Documents

  • Completed Claim Form
  • Copy of all Medical Bills (form 1500 or equivalent) & Itemized Receipts

Claims Payment

Claims Payment

After submitting your claims, the insurance company will reimburse you for your eligible medical expenses in accordance with the terms, conditions and limitations of your plan, depending on if all the documents are submitted correctly.

Claims Office Information:

Mail: Robin Assist (for Claims after 2/4/2023)

PO Box 211879 Dallas TX 75211

Toll Free: 888-207-1694 (from inside the U.S.)

WhatApp Number 380-234-2040 (24x7 Worldwide)

Email: Claims at

Claims File online using Member Portal

Mail: Administrative Concepts, Inc. (for claims before 2/5/2023)

PO Box 4000; Collegeville, PA 19426

Toll Free: 855-428-3425 (from inside the U.S.)

Fax: 610-293-9299

Download Claims Form
Policy Numbers Starting with INF

Claims Office Information:

BMI Travel Assist

24/7 WhatsApp Assistance Number: +506-7061-2439

Email: [email protected]

Additional Claims Information

All claims must be filed by completing the online claim form found above in the Plan Member portal.

This form must be completed ONCE PER SICKNESS OR INJURY. The INF Claims Form for Providers should be completed by the Insured & Providers (Doctors office, Hospitals etc.).

Robin Assist is there to help you 24x7 with appointments, claims and claims status questions.

Claims Process FAQs

Simply fill out the claim form & follow the instructions, as well as providing the additional required documentation. Make sure to complete this paperwork carefully to ensure prompt payment for eligible expenses incurred.

To check claims status:

1) Login to the member portal

2) Click on Claims. This will allow you to submit new claims as well check the status of claims already in process.

3) Use this portal to manage claims and check claim status

Additionally - Please call Robin Assist 24x7 for any further questions.

Yes, eligible claims incurred while coverage is in effect will be paid. On the claims form, you need to designate where to send the check from the insurance company.